Words of Twilight

I was given an assignment to write a poem in Iambic pentameter.  I pretty much failed at the rhythm, but I liked the poem anyway.

Once again a fortress may crush the gale,

Chronicles preserved by the tree of Gods;

The teachings of elders passed to those who shall

live on in the world of stone against all odds.

Cartouches searing the thought of never dreams,

The rider canters to carry words of the hush'd;

Burning embers spilling in silken reams,

Recount heroes to those whose lives are crushed.

Upon the day of angel’s chorus bright

The Moon and Stars alone shall weave the line,

None shall forget the time of wanting light

As long as true bards never lose the rhyme.

Evermore, the Wheel of Time turns on, and on

And still from twilight, are words ne’re gone.