About the Work

All of the work on this site is my own.  I didn't take it from other people, so I would appreciate it if you didn't take it from me.  Technically they are under the internet copyright laws, but I actually have a little (if misplaced) trust in humanity!

Don't steal my work, and I won't send my father after you... trust me on this one... just don't take it!

On another note, none of the photos have been edited in anyway... what you see is the real deal, my word as... a... um... a... marching bandie? (No really... I haven't changed them.  ^_^)

The Stories and poems are also original work.  I take great pride in my storytelling!

I do sometimes write a type of story called yaoi.  This is a story about two men being together in a homosexual relationship.  I think it's hot, and there is an equality that that form of relationship that cannot be achieved elsewhere. 

You have been warned!