All About... ME!

Name: Invictus
Age: ?
Gender: Male (I get teased about looking a bit femme in pictures)
Location: Earth, Milky-way (On the outer edges... you can't miss it)More Info:My name is not really Invictus, but I would prefer my true name to remain unknown. I'm not a professional photographer, writer, or even employed.  I've not taken any college courses for those subjects and don't claim to know what I'm doing.  I just like to make art!  

I'm currently a senior in my local highschool and I hope to be accepted into a college. (My fingers are crossed!) My main interests lie in history and the study of Ancient Civilizations.

I have a digital camera and paper/pen that I carry with me, and when I see something interesting... I take a picture!

If you want to contact me my email is:

(bonus points if you can tell me what that means!)