Raven's Valour

This Chapter is done from the POV of my character. It may seem a bit weird, but it will probably make sense once you finish reading.

Check chapter 1 for disclaimer/warning.

Chapter two: The Color of Truth

Me playing chess with Alfred must be a strange thing to witness… especially if Jim was out cold, drooling on the table. Alfred, his calm blue demeanor, would tell me the piece and the move, and I would move it there for him. We’ve always played this way, every Thursday, without fail. We wait for Jim to fall asleep at the table and then set up the match. We talk about the day, how it went, and how Jim’s classes we’re. I think the strange faces that Sue was making at me, in an attempt to make me forget about my horrible day, distracted me.

“How did I lose?” I yelled, examining the board before me. “I’m the one moving the pieces!”

Of course Alfred just shrugged teal and suggested that I wake Jim and then try to explain to the new person standing behind me, what I was doing. I froze the moment he mentioned the only ‘new person’ I knew: Andrews.

Great… he already thinks I’m insane… what is he going to think now?

I moved slowly in my seat to face the man behind me, feeling apprehensive, though trying my damn-est to not show any weak emotions. There was a strange light in his eyes; I recognized it as the look I got from most people when they caught me ‘talking to myself’. I always forgot that they couldn’t see what I can. Andrews was yellow with shock and a bit orange with fear.

“Did you need something, Andrews?” I spat, cringing inwards at the harshness that I hid behind. What else was I supposed to do? He called me a Freak!

“I was just looking for the other pilots of our team.” He replied, scratching his head. “Am I intruding on anything?” He asked glancing at the still drooling Jim.

I kicked the sleeping man’s shin under the table and he awoke with a snort. Alfred chuckled silver to himself, and Sue just continued to make purple faces at me. I glared at her half-heartedly… how could I be mad at someone trying to make me happy? It was so out of character for her that I was willing to take it whenever I could… she really was a sweet child… if you could manage to talk to her without her attempting to kill you.

“No, you weren’t interrupting anything. I was already done.” I threw back.

I held out a bar of chocolate that I had bought earlier. “Here Jim, you win again.” My enthusiasm sounded false and my smile seemed forced.

“I win again?” He yawned. “Do I want to know what I’m doing to deserve this?”

“You can ask but that doesn’t mean I’ll tell you.” I smirked. “I’m going to go read in the window seat, so why don’t you introduce your selves to Andrews here.” Jim looked at me, brown with suspicion.

“Hey Al. Come sit with me?” I asked, cocking my head to one side. He knew why I wanted him near. Well, I know why I wanted him near. There are two reasons really. One, he’s great company and two, he can hear everything Jim does, so I can eavesdrop in on conversations I would otherwise not be privy to. I wanted to know what Andrews had to say about me. Jim was under strict orders by me not to reveal too much about me. I wanted Andrews in the dark as much as possible. I didn’t trust him. He was a ‘Normal’, or non-psychic and that made him an outsider.

I pretended to read as Alfred relayed the conversation to my right ear.

/ “Hi.” Jim offered along with his open hand. “My name is Azriel.”

Andrews took the offered hand with indigo relief. “Brewer Andrews. I thought your name was James Trinity?”

“Ah. That’s more of a nickname than anything.” Jim replied silver. “My real name is Azriel Cyrus Saint James… but everyone calls me Jim for short.”

“And the Trinity?”

“The headmaster didn’t tell you?” Jim breathed, pale green. “He has gotten devious in his old age.”

“He didn’t tell me about what?” Andrews hesitated, still brown.

“Did he at least mention the other two pilots on this team?”

“In passing.” Andrews replied, scratching his head again. “Some how he had me out the door before I could remember to ask about them.”

“Yeah, he’s like that.” Jim smiled. I could almost feel the indigo washing over Andrews at that smile. I’m guessing he’s had a rough first day.

“The fact is…” Jim hesitated. “I am the other two as well.”

“I don’t follow.” Andrews stated turning bronze.

“To make a long story short, take three souls, one body, and a genetic splicing experiment and then add psychic energy, and you get me. Don’t worry… you’ll get it eventually.”

“Ooookay. Who are the other pilots?” Andrews replied, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, there’s Alfred, and Sue.” Jim stated. “Tyen’s much better at explaining them to people, because he knows them a hell of a lot better than anyone.”

“Why is that?”

“Because he spends his time talking with them.” Jim said nonchalantly. “It’s one of his abilities.”

“He can talk to your other personalities?”

“No… it’s more like he can se--” He suddenly stated choking and waved a hand over towards me. I breathed out as I released my hold on his breath. Ah, false touch is such a wonderful thing sometimes!/

“Sorry, Tyen!” Jim breathed, catching his breath. “I said too much.”

“And that’s why I stopped you!”

“Wait.” Andrews said, brown. “You choked him? You were on the other side of the room. And just how were you able to hear us?”

“None of your business, Andrews.” I shot back, pulling out my packet of cigarettes.

“Crack a window, Tyen.” Jim asked as I slowly lit the cig. “I don’t want the headmaster after you again for smoking in here.”

I complied without hesitation. The headmaster had come down on me pretty hard last time. I didn’t want to quit my habit that I had had forever, so I just hid my smoking.

Alfred glared at me and scolded me for still keeping up that habit. think it calms me down and levels my thoughts.

“You still haven’t answered my question.” Andrews interjected into my breathing routine. I sighed and snubbed the burning tobacco out and then tucked it behind my ear. I guess I’ll finish this later then.

“What, Andrews, is it you want?” I sighed, looking him over again. I hadn’t spent much time examining him or his aura. It seemed clean at first glance, but there was something there that was giving me a headache.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I couldn’t tell what color hair or eyes he had. The only color in my world is the emotions of those around me. Everything else is a shade of grey.

“I’d like some answers without people withholding the truth!” The stubborn man replied, tan with frustration.

“That’s the thing, Andrews.” I said. “I don’t trust you with everything. I’ll elaborate on what you already know, and that’s it for now.”

“He was a mercenary.” Jim said with a smile. “So forgive him of his unusual ways. His whole family’s like that.”

“Okay, fine… I figure you have some sort of control over others.” The new one started hesitantly.

“I can manipulate the air around others making it seem as though I’m doing something. There are consequences though.” I started… I hate explaining this. “I can’t do anything without suffering through it myself.”

“So, when he choked me,” Jim started, “he was choking himself.”

“I think that’s enough for now.” I said, wanting to get some sleep. I had a busy day tomorrow. I had to repair some systems on a student’s AC and then finish Andrews’ by hand. There are some things that machines can’t do and that require a human touch, like wiring the systems of a highly volatile flame system.

“I still have questions about ‘Alfred’ and ‘Sue’ though.” The man complained purple.

“Well, go to his class tomorrow and you’ll learn a little more.” I sighed. Newbies so many questions. Couldn’t he tell I was exhausted? I had had two lessons today and a shop full of work with three of my helpers out sick. I could feel my muscles starting to give as I thought of a warm shower and then my large soft bed.

“Night Jim.” I yawned with a wave, leaving him behind with Andrews. I almost felt bad walking away, but then I thought of the sleep I was about to receive, and changed my mind.

I wandered slowly to my rooms and quickly typed in the security code and stumbled inside. I flipped on the lamp that sat on my paper-covered desk. My mail sat there, waiting to be opened, but I could care less. I began shedding clothing as I walked through my bedroom to the bathroom, uncovering long scars that striped, rope-like, across my torso; a reminder of my old life before I signed with the academy.

I stepped under the harsh spray of scalding water and let the day wash away.

I don’t remember drying off or climbing between my sheets. I was asleep before my head touched the pillow.

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