Raven's Valour

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Author’s Note: The names are based off of people we know… not that you’ll know them… but I thought that they should be recognized!Each chapter is written from the POV of the person who wrote the chapter… If you don’t get it now… you will later. I’ve not written a story like this for a while, and definitely not posted one as such… this is just for fun because we are bored out of our minds… no… I’m not referring to myself alone…

Enjoy! –SI, MG, NI

Chapter 1 Acceptance and Rejection: Brewer's POV

Written by: Silent Invictus, Mr. Gravity, and Neko Incarnate (They don’t have accounts, so don’t bother looking for them.)

I was so nervous I felt like I was going to puke. I mean, I had been at the academy for no more than three hours and I was already paged to the headmaster’s office. I didn’t even get a chance to get to my first class yet. What had I done?

“Maybe I shouldn’t have touched the statue.” I thought out loud.

When I arrived at the headmaster’s office a small, spindly women (whom I assume was the secretary) simply waved me toward the office. I said my prayers and walked through the doors to the chambers of Headmaster Leo. I couldn’t help but think that his name was the only interesting thing about him. He resembled nothing more than a high school principal. Medium build, white hair, about my height, and he had reading glasses.

“Excellent you’re here,” he said looking up from some files on his desk “There isn't much time Brewer so I’ll cut right to the chase. I’ve had my eye on you.”

“You have sir?” I paused as the Headmaster smiled, a twinkle in his eye. “What did I do wrong?”

The head master chuckled “Guilty conscience? If something goes missing I'll know whom to ask. But no you’re not in trouble. The reason I called you down here was to talk about your scores from your final simulator exam”

“What about them” I said still confused

“Your scoring for stealth is remarkable. I haven’t seen such proficiency since master Shadow Raven, God rest his soul.”

“R-Really?” I said, stammering. I'm being compared to the greatest stealth master ever known!

“Yes and that is why I have chosen you to join a elite team.”

My mental elations kept running for a few seconds before my ears finally got through. “Eh, what now?”

“An elite team that the Army is forming. Didn't you get a memo?” Silently I swore, I knew I should have checked my messages last month,

“Who are they?” I asked trying not to appear any more out of the loop than I already had let on.

“So far there are only four other agents registered. The ones who you will meet first are Tyen Barransti, who has the highest control score of all time, and Professor James Trinity. He has the highest destruction score. They both also have...well... unique gifts.”

“Where should I go?” I asked not bothering to ask about the gifts.

“Down to the mech bay: ground floor, wing A-13. There you'll meet Tyen. He will help you put this together.” He held up a hologram projector. It blinked to life with a soft hum and a miniature hologram of Shadow Flame, my AC, appeared.

“I got some design Mods from a friend, which I think you'll enjoy. It moves your flamethrowers, into the AC's arms. It's a pricey bit of equipment but it's being covered by the team's military budget.”

I managed to keep my mouth from falling open, “Thank you sir.”

“I also noticed some designs for custom stealth pods, which you submitted. I had them manufactured and shipped to the team's hangar.” He smiled. Apparently I hadn't masked my surprise very well. Gotta work on that.

The Headmaster continued, “Now, go on, you have a lot to do.” he tossed the holo-display to me, with a flourish and turned back to his papers, a clear dismissal.

I left the room and almost broke into a dance but managed to step into a head scratch before the secretary saw me. Once in the hall, I took a quick look around before pumping both my fists, in the air. Yes, yes, yes! Ha ha! Wait... he said there are four pilots?

Rather than trying to make up an excuse about a paper or shoe I had left behind, I decided that I would just have to meet the other pilots he failed to name randomly.

It took some time to find the mech bay and when I did I was nearly deafened by the sound of heavy rock. When I opened the door. I saw a young man playing air guitar on a large desk. His instrument of choice appeared to be a bolt action, clip fed, rivet gun.

“Excuse me!” I yelled over the noise. The boy took no notice. I continued to try to get his attention from the doorway to no avail. Finally after a particularly loud crescendo, he whipped around, his long braid swishing around him, and jumped off the desk, still thrashing on his air guitar.

After a second, he caught sight of me, madly waving my arms from the doorway. He must have taken this as an offensive maneuver, because he leaped over the desk, flipped it on it's side for cover and fired several rivets in my direction, while yelling “Don't let her in!”

I just barely managed to get behind a crate before I was turned into Swiss cheese. “What are you doing?!” I yelled, while behind my own pathetic cover.

“I was enjoying my peaceful tranquility music before you showed up, giving me the death sign! Where is she? I'll stick her to the wall!” He responded still glaring at me.

I paused. The music had been shut off somehow and the only sound in the hangar was the man's heavy breathing. “What?! What death sign? I was just trying to get your attention!”

His eyes narrowed, “She isn't loose again?”

I shrugged, a lack of words coming to mind, “I don't even know who your talking about.”

“Oh.” He replied his dark visage suddenly replaced with a wide smile. He paused, while he examined me from head to toe, “You seem innocent enough, state your business.”

I was getting a strong feeling he was bipolar. “I need my AC built.”

“Oh.” he replied. He seemed very different than the other man who nearly put me in the Vatican. “Why don’t you give the holo-display to me along with your name, and then leave.”

“Brewer Andrews.”

He raised an eyebrow at the odd name before half-heartedly pushing me towards the door as he walked in the opposite direction. I didn't leave as my curiosity got the better of me.

Silently, I watched in awe as his hand flew across various consoles. The facility responded with several massive robotic arms and winches that lifted the parts to my AC up out of the underground storage facility and built ‘Shadow Flame’ on the spot.

“Is this what he meant by a gift?

He turned slowly revealing a piercing glare, which could rival that of his rivet gun, “No he was referring to the fact that I’m psychotically gifted.”

I slowly clasped my hands behind my back in order to check if there was a newly formed hole for my guts to fall out, “Oh you mean you’re a Fre-“ I was cut off by his fist catching me square in the jaw.

“How dare you!” He hissed. “I will not be insulted by a name I never wanted.”

“Sorry.” I mumbled tasting blood in my mouth, as I backed away.

He whispered something incomprehensible.

“Hmm?” I ventured.

“GET OUT! IT’S CROWEDED ENOUGH IN HERE!” He yelled, as his hand flew to the rivet gun.

“Fine! Sorry.” I said looking around for anyone else. I thought I may have seen a tall man working on an AC in the back, but three people hardly qualified as crowded. I was almost at the door when I heard him say my name.

“What?” I asked confused, and worried. The grating of metal-on-metal filled the silence as a new rivet entered the firing chamber.

“You got off lucky this time.” He said softly, not looking back.

I fled.

Great. I thought. Nothing like pissing off the person building your AC. I have to work with him? I’m so gonna die.

I couldn’t reach Professor Trinity before his class started. I wondered if he was any better than the mad-man of A-13.


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