My Best Mate   By: Silent Invictus

This piece was written in dedication to one of my closest friends.  I don't know if I could have lasted this long, or who I might be without him.

Running through a field,

On a crisp and sunny day.

Into your arms I yield,

No words to you, I wish to say.

You pick the wildflowers that are growing over there,

And after much persuasion, I let you braid them into my hair.


A storm is coming,

The sky is growing dark.

We run under a tree, where the bees are still buzzing,

Our hands clutching at the rough bark.

When we are together, I wear no mask,

For whatever you need, I know, you need not ask.


Together, we climb the tree,

Just to explore the world.

Our breath, taken away by what we see,

With a flash of lightening, the land is unfurled.

It doesn’t matter if we stayed out late,

For I would stay forever, for you: My best mate.