The Dream of Ruin

Author: Silent Invictus
Summary: I was given a challenge to write a poem based off of a list of 21 words. Nettles, clutching, locket, firefly, twilight, gathered, tangled, peasant, book, scamper, barefoot, end, mirth, tears, stable, silky shoes, cable, worlds, dear, and everything.  The list held more than 100 words to choose from.  Here’s what became of those words:

Walking through the nettles sharp,

Clutching the day’s joys in a locket.

A firefly catches the twilight,

And puts it in my pocket.


The stars have gathered,

To link together our tangled light.

Peasant boy opens the book of love,

And creatures of the dark scamper from the might.


My feet, barefoot and cold,

Carry me over the earth.

I laugh in the face of the end,

Tears fall forgotten in my mirth.


You have left me here alone,

Bristling with anger stable.

Between the worlds of lives and deaths,

I am pulled taut as a cable.


You may keep your mighty halls,

And my silky shoes.

Aside from those things that I hold dear,

I am everything in the night that moves.