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Chapter 2

I later saw in Sinar’s pensive, the ceremony that I had anticipated and dreaded, actually happening.   Dumbledore watched as my corpse was laid out on the sofa that was placed in his office; the letter I had written him lay opened on the desk and had obviously been read many times over. I couldn’t bring myself to say to him what I would never get to say to myself.  The old professor made his way over to where I lay, kneeling by my side.  I would never ask what he was thinking; I would never know what went on behind these blue eyes that looked so remorseful without their ever-present twinkling.


Sinar knocked and let himself in a few minutes later.  He was shorter than I had expected. (Of course I was dead for all of this; I wouldn’t actually meet him for about a week after he changed me.)  A strange, half formed boy followed him into the room and immediately hid behind Sinar. 


“Professor Dumbledore.” The demon said with a bow. Dumbledore nodded in return. “I believe that you have been informed of William’s decision, yes?” Dumbledore nodded again. “Then shall I begin the ceremony?” With this the older man stood and made his way over towards the demon. 


“May I bear witness to such a rare occasion?” He asked.


“Of course, but it won’t be the most pleasant of ordeals.” Sinar warned. “This entire act is a desecration to a corpse.”


“I understand.”


“Well then.” He said with a smile. “Let us begin. This is my son: Deshaerok.” Sinar said with a sudden move that placed himself behind the boy that still insisted to clinging to his cloak.  Deshaerok was a small boy that looked as if he was molded clay that had been smashed on one side.  He was deformed and crippled, his body twisted impossibly.  “I think they will be beautiful together.” Sinar stated with a smile of affection.  Dumbledore smiled in return feeling a bit disbelieving, but sat down in a chair to observe the ceremony about to take place. 


Deshaerok slowly made his way over to my corpse, his feet dragging.  He ran a bony finger lovingly over my face and brushed away some of my loose blond from my face.  Silently he unbuttoned my shirt and Sinar gently lifted me so that it could be removed; the sleeves were the hardest part to remove since they had stuck to my arms where the blood had dried.


Deshaerok placed his hand on my cold chest and began to trace certain symbols into the flesh above my heart.  Each symbol represented a different element:  Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.  He also used his clawed finger to carve a cross on my torso; it went from shoulder to shoulder and it reached from the center of my color bone down to my belly button. 

Suddenly a double-ended knife appeared in his hands and the young demonstabbed my chest with as much force as he could muster.  The moment the blade pierced my heart it burst into flame, and my dead eyes snapped open.  Deshaerok grabbed the knife with both hands and stared into those eyes before he impaled himself on the other end our bodies touching at the hilt.  

Cherry red blood ran over the knife making the flames grow more intense and they soon engulfed Deshaerok, burning him to ashes in mere seconds. With the knife gone the ashes were drawn to any open offices including my mouth, nose, and the gaping wound on my chest.  As soon as the ashes were gone, so was said wound; no scar remained at all.  The only scars I retained from the whole ordeal was the archaic symbol of Fire and the cross. 


Sinar realizing that this part of the ceremony was over rushed to the couch. Dumbledore remained in his seat, shocked at what he had just seen.  He watched as the demon pick me as if I weighed nothing at all and nodded his consent of allowing Sinar to have access to the Floo network through his fireplace. 


“The second stage to the ceremony must be preformed alone.  I will take him back to my home where I will train him to control his magic.  When a year passes, I will contact you about his return to Hogwarts.” Sinar said as he walked slowly to the fireplace.  He shifted me over to one side so that he could grab a handful of Floo powder.  “Until then.” He said before stepping into the green flames and whispering an address. 


He, Deshaerok and I vanished into a whirl of Fireplaces before stumbling out onto a hard wooden floor.  Sinar laid me on a bed nearby and tucked in the sheets tightly around me. 


“Goodnight little one.  I’ll see you in the morning.”