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No one of consequence
03/21/2009 04:48

you may not be a professional photographer your pictures still look great. I especially like the last ones with the blue glow sticks

03/31/2009 10:43

Hi! -waves excitedly- You commented on one of my stories on which means I clicked on your profile cause I look at everyone who gives me comments I haven't read your stuff yet but I will then I'll leave you comments but anywhooooo I popped by because 1) I like people who have their own websites (I have like 4) and cause you asked bout my devart and I'm way to lazy to email. =D So! Thats the devart with pictures and original stories and um everything but fanfiction and thats the one wif fanfiction that I often forget to update. =D
And now you have another person on your Guestbook! <3 <3 <3 <3
(my appologies if this posts twice but I couldn't tell if it worked the first time.)

A person whom you know from school
04/27/2009 17:19

Botherbotherbother . . . .this is another part of my large scale plan to bother you until you contact me. Come on, we were in Order of the Stick together, we discovered Lancelot's *cough* alternate *cough* personality together . . .don't the good times mean anything?!

lol, anyway . . .


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