Partay!!! 03/21/2009

I'm borrowing a friend's computer at his party.  There are 4 boys and 2 girls here... they are playing halo.  My boyfriend is ignoring me in fact so that he can kill grunts. Lame..  Oh well..
I'm pretty bored in fact.  I guess that's why I'm playing on the laptop rather than hanging... 

I didn't sleep well last night so I'm tired and I'm not going to get to sleep for another hour or so... gah.... maybe they'll let me sleep early though I doubt they'll let me go.



I'm amazed!  Someone signed the guest book!  Whoot!  It may have been one of my friends, but... still!  Yeah!


Hiya! 03/19/2009

I know that no one is probably ever going to read this, so I guess i can say whatever the hell I want to.  AH LALALALALALALALALALA!  heh heh... that was fun!